I Fell Off…. Updates on my Healthy Hair Journey

Hey everyone!

It’s been awhile since I posted anything about my hair journey. The main reason I haven’t posted anything about my hair journey was because I kind of fell off of after my last post. I still washed my hair weekly, but I stopped cowashing and deep conditioning. Instead I just prepooed and then shampooed my hair. I still moisturized and sealed my hair, but I did skip days quite often, instead of doing it daily and sometimes twice a day like I should have. In short I let life consume me and put my hair on the back burner. Since I started my winter break, I’ve been wearing twist outs when I go out, but I plan on perming my hair in a day or two so I’ve worn my hair up in a ponytail when I’ve gone out. I’ve also deep conditioned instead of preepoing and I finally cowashed again which felt great. Leading up to my relaxer, I deep conditioned my hair with a light protein and shampooed my hair. I’ve been wearing my hair in ponytails and I plan on putting an oil (probably castor oil or coconut oil) on my scalp and hair tonight and tomorrow night just to make sure my hair is protected.

Surprisingly I plan on perming my hair myself. Originally I planned to go to the salon to perm my hair, but I kept forgetting to call and make an appointment. So today when I realized I still hadn’t made an appointment I decided to go ahead and prep to do it myself. I’m brushing up on my relaxer day knowledge by reviewing videos on YouTube and I plan on getting any other items I need today or tomorrow. I’m nervous to do it myself, but I do like that I will be saving money. I plan to be very very careful and to add oil to the perm so that I can move a bit slower if I need to. All in all I’m hoping for a very successful relaxer day.

I had a hair goal set for this relaxer and I wanted to be APL by now, but I think with the neglect my hair has undergone recently that I won’t be making that goal. I’m fine with that, since I know it’s totally my fault. However, I’m not giving up on having hair growth deadlines so I’m setting a new goal to be APL by my graduation in May. This time I will not be falling off of my hair journey and will even put my hair regimen into my planner to make sure I keep up with it even when I’m exhausted and have tons to do.

Since my winter break, I’ve also tried a few new products that I plan on writing about later on once I test them out a bit more just to be sure. The products are: Hemp Seed Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Creme of Nature Argan Oil Moisture & Shine Shampoo, the Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment and Neutrogena’s Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Mask. I’ve had success and failure depending on the product so expect to see reviews and updates from me about those products soon.

Happy Hair Growing!


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I Missed My Hair…

Hi Ladies!

I know this update is long overdue so I thought I’d update you guys on what’s been going on with my hair recently. So as my last post indicated I went to the hair salon and had a weave installed. I left it in for 4 weeks (and 3 days) before taking it out. It was okay having it in, but the hair kept getting really tangled so it got more and more annoying as the days wore on. In addition to the tangles I just seriously missed wearing my hair out. Now to be honest I don’t do anything special to my hair when I wear it out. It’s either in a ponytail/bun or in a braid/twist out. Like I said nothing special, but while my weave was installed I kept missing being able to wash my hair twice a week, and to moisturize and seal all of my hair effortlessly, and doing thorough scalp massages, etc.


So once my weave was out I wanted to literally jump for joy. The first thing I did, was put my castor oil/tea tree oil mix on my scalp and massage massage massage (I also might’ve scratched a teeny weeny bit). It felt like heaven! I then put castor oil all over my hair and left it in my hair overnight and the entire next day. In the morning I put more castor oil on my hair and then sat under my heating cap for about 30 minutes. I then proceeded to wash my hair using the the 1st Lather Shampoo and then the Hydrating Detangling Shampoo (both from Kera Care). My hair felt GREAT!!!! I then used Aphogee Two Min Reconstructor and followed up with the Suave Shea Butter and Almond conditioner. It may have been the castor oil/kera care/aphogee combo that worked its magic and made my hair beautifully soft, but the Suave conditioner certainly didn’t harm! I’m going to try it out again on Wednesday to see how my hair reacts. Either way I was extremely pleased with the way my wash day turned out. My hair dried so soft and it made me extremely happy.


Since my wash day my hair has been in a ponytail/bun every day. I moisturize with Herbal Essences Touchably Smooth Split End Protector and then seal with castor oil once in the morning before I use gel and once at night before I tie my hair up with my silk scarf. My hair feels beautiful every day, even though I use a combo of Eco Styler Gel and Elasta QP Glaze on my edges every morning. My hair also might be as thick as it was in March before I installed the weave and my hair thinned out, but I haven’t straightened my hair yet to truly tell. My hair feels great though, and it looks as if it’s definitely thickened up some more. I’m so pleased with how my hair journey is going right now 🙂

However, I do plan to install another weave and then get braids sometimes in October or November just to give myself a break from routine washing and stuff since I’ll be in midterm/finals mode around that time. Hopefully in the next two weeks I’ll get over the “I miss my hair” funk I was in earlier. For my next weave I’m buying new hair, so that I hopefully don’t have the tangling issues I was having before.The hair was also shedding horribly. I am going to contribute the hair’s poor performance this time around to the fact that I pretty much kept it in a suitcase with no type of care, during the summer. However, I will still be buying hair from a different vendor simply because I just want to explore other options. When I get the hair and install it I’ll update you guys!

I hope everyone’s week is off to a wonderful start!

Happy Hair Growing!




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Update: Relaxer (8/14/12)

I relaxed at 19 weeks (and 3 days) post. This was the longest stretch I’ve done since starting my healthy hair journey in January. It felt so good to know that I was able to wait until the end of summer to relax my hair. Furthermore, I didn’t stretch for 19 weeks with the aid of braids or weaves! I just left my hair out and alternated between braidouts and twist outs. It felt great to really take the time to get to know my hair and what products it does and doesn’t like, especially since I’ve come to realize that my hair is very picky about products.

So anyway I went to the salon and got a relaxer on August 14th. I burned some, especially around my edges, which totally freaked me out since I’m trying to grow my edges back. Anyway once she rinsed out my hair I glanced in the mirror and my hair looked so much fuller than I expected it to. It really made me happy. She blow dried my hair and then installed my weave so I didn’t really get a chance to take a picture to measure my length. I plan on taking out my weave and then installing braids sometime in October so between those two protective styles I’ll probably do a length check. From what I could tell my hair still seems to be at the same length it was during my last length check, but I can’t really tell. What I could tell was that my hair has gotten thicker so kudos to me. I’ve really been trying to thicken up my hair so even if I haven’t gained length I am ecstatic that my hair is recovering from my setback.

The picture got cut off so you can’t see my length, but as you can see my hair has gotten thicker 🙂

I’m hoping that this weave does not stress my hair and that I manage to take really good care of my hair while it’s installed. By January of next year I hope to be full APL so my hair is going in the right direction as of right now. I am working on a moisturizing spritz for the braids under my weaves, but I’m still debating on a few products so I’ll post an entry about that once I know exactly what I want to do.

Oh as a side note: I’ve found a great moisturizing rinse out conditioner! I’m so excited, because I’ve been struggling with rinse out conditioners all summer. My hair just didn’t seem to like anything! I picked up the John Frieda Frizz Ease Moisturizing Conditioner and I am thrilled to say it worked so well for me! My hair felt great once I rinsed it out and my hair dried soft. The only con I have about this conditioner is that in Duane Reade around my house it was $8-$9. Fortunately, I attend school in North Carolina and found it for $4-$5 here. I don’t want to necessarily use it for my co washes since it is still kind of expensive so I’m still on the lookout for a good co wash conditioner. Any suggestions?

Oh, here’s a picture of how my weave turned out using Malaysian curly hair.


Happy Hair Growing Ladies!


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Further Adaption of Hairlista’s Castor Oil Challenge

So I decided to further adapt my rendition of Hairlista’s Castor Oil Challenge after a shampoo experience.

I ordered Tropical Isle Living’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo with Shea Butter a few weeks ago and have tried it out twice since then. The first time I used it I deep conditioned on dry hair using Kera Care’s Humecto Creme Conditioner, peppermint oil and castor oil and then proceeded to wash my hair with the shampoo after rinsing out my deep conditioner. My first experience with it was HORRIBLE!!! My hair felt EXTREMELY stripped after using it, almost as if I had used a clarifying shampoo.

I was really disappointed, because I wanted the product to work well for me since it had castor oil and shea butter in it. I reread some of the reviews on the product and decided to pre poo with castor oil before using the shampoo. Instead of using Jamaican Black Castor Oil I used the castor oil I picked up from my local beauty supply store (Aceite de Higuerela Castor Oil) mixed with some tea tree oil. I put the castor/tea tree oil mix on my scalp and on the length of my hair before gently massaging it into my scalp. After I did that for a minute or two I went under a heating cap for about an hour and then just kept on a shower cap for another 3-4 hours before rinsing it out. When I rinsed it out my hair felt AMAZING! My hair was so soft! I never knew that prepooing with castor oil could do that for me. So from now on I will be prepooing with castor oil and tea tree oil before I shampoo as a part of this challenge. Once I prepooed with castor oil and tea tree oil and followed up with the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo with Shea Butter my hair didn’t feel stripped. It felt pretty good actually. I messed up by shampooing one more time leaving my hair feeling stripped. On the plus side I now definitely know that two shampoo sessions is NOT what I need and that if I prepoo with castor oil before using that shampoo it works just fine.

I’m excited because I can now add more castor oil to my regimen. Hopefully thicker healthier hair is in the near future for me!


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My Own Version of Hairlista’s First Castor Oil Challenge of 2012

On Hairlista there is a Castor Oil Challenge beginning July 28th and ending on October 28th. I was so excited to find out and I really wanted to participate, but I am already using Gro-Aut oil on my scalp. Of course I could just stop using the Gro-Aut oil, but I already promised myself to stick to it and so far I’ve seen great progress since I started using it in June. My hair however had severely thinned out since I took my weave out in May. Since Gro-Aut oil does not recommend that you mix it with other oils I didn’t want to put Castor Oil (which is known for thickening hair) on my scalp and cause a bad reaction. I decided at the end of June/beginning of July to use Castor Oil in my deep conditioners and as a sealant for when I moisturize and seal, because I couldn’t stand how thin my hair was. So far I’ve seen progress:


The first picture is of a comparison picture between my March 31st Perm and my hair straightened at the end of May. The second picture is of my hair straightened on July 21st. As you can see the Gro-Aut oil has been working and the recent addition of Castor Oil to my deep conditioners and as a sealant is helping the thickness. My hair is still not thick enough for me so I will be continuing my Castor Oil usage.

In the Castor Oil Challenge there are three levels:

  • Basic:  Apply Castor oil to the scalp twice a week.
  • Intermediate: Apply Castor oil to the scalp three times a week.
  • Advanced: Apply Castor oil to the scalp every other day. Apply 1 tsp of castor oil to your deep conditioner weekly with heat.

I’ve decided that my version of the Castor Oil Challenge is a mix between Basic and Advanced. I will put Castor Oil on my scalp twice a week and still put Gro-Aut oil on my scalp three times a week. In addition to that I will continue to add Castor Oil to my deep conditioners twice a week and use it as a sealant. So, even though I am not doing exactly as the challenge says and therefore cannot be a real participant I am doing it my own way and hoping for amazing results. December and January aren’t really that far away and I need to up the ante if I don’t want my setback to deter me from meeting my goals!

Happy Growing Ladies!


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Gold ‘N Hot Professional Conditioning Heat Cap Review

I bought this heating cap around the end of May and as of today (July 22nd) it no longer works. I didn’t use it that often (probably only about 5 or 6 times). It just shut off on me when I tried to use it two days ago. To say that I think this product was a complete waste of money would be an understatement. It cost somewhere between $25 and $32 bucks from my local beauty supply store. It didn’t get hot enough in my opinion, and it wasn’t practical for fitting around my head comfortably. It was very large and long and would cover my eyes when I pulled it down completely. Overall it wasn’t a good product and I would advise against buying it. I ordered another heating cap a week ago that I’m planning on trying, so I hope it’s good.





Didn’t fit comfortably

Stopped working completely in a short amount of time

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


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For the past few days I’ve been wearing my hair in a braidout and I have worn braidouts at least once a week since May. Now I know everyone says your hair catches on your shirts and stuff and breaks, but I’ve seriously never really noticed until now! My hair catches on my shirt or the shawl I wrap around myself to keep myself warm at work. I didn’t necessarily think my hair was breaking until today when I noticed quite a few hairs on the back of my sweater and on my shawl. All of the hairs were short and did not have the white bulb on them. Needless to say I was not happy. I’m wearing my hair in a ponytail/bun for the rest of the week. The only problem with this is that my edges are very thin/bordering non existent so I’ve been trying not to put much pressure on them by alternating between ponytails and braid outs. I’m not sure what to do for the rest of the summer. I’ve been going back and forth on getting braids, a weave, or just continuing to wear my hair as it is, but I’m more heavily considering braids now due to their versatility and low maintenance.

I’m waging a war on the breakage that’s occurring. It took me forever to get my hair to stop breaking just from every day normal activities like combing, brushing, or running my fingers through my hair and I refuse to lose my hair just because of my clothes. My war on breakage has begun, and while I’m at it I’ll wage a war on shedding too!

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Greedy for Good Hair

July 9, 2012

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog! This is my first ever blog and blog post and I’m so excited to document what I learn about my hair throughout my hair journey! I’ve gone back and forth about creating a blog, because I’m nowhere near as experienced as others with hair care, but you never know who can find something useful from you!

My Story

I’ve always wanted GOOD hair, but my view of good hair was very distorted to say the least. For the longest time I viewed good hair as being curly and long, something only achieved by black females that were mixed. Their hair was good, and my hair was pathetic and short. I had hair problems from a very young age, and whether it was tight braids or a perm that ruined my hair first is unknown, but needless to say I did not have good hair practices. I got a perm every 4-6 weeks, washed my hair only once every two weeks, avoided water like the plague, had horrible dandruff, had thin edges and hair, used grease, and flat ironed or curled my hair every other day or every day, etc. The list goes on and on. Despite all of my horrid habits I just didn’t understand why my hair wouldn’t grow past shoulder length. I figured since my mother had short hair I would have short hair too. In my head I was going to be stuck at shoulder length forever.

Then I spent the fall semester of my junior year abroad in Europe. I got braids before I left, but I couldn’t keep them in the whole time I was abroad, since I was abroad for 3-4 months. After two months (I was really pushing my luck because I knew I wasn’t getting my hair rebraided or permed and had no clue what to do with it) I finally took out my braids. My hair was a mess and I didn’t have the proper tools to deal with it either. I had Motions Shampoo & Conditioner, a small tooth comb, a wide tooth comb, and a hard brush. Needless to say I was unprepared. When I took down my hair I started looking for styles I could do since I had so much new growth and no straightener. I came across BeautifulBrwnBabyDol’s YouTube Channel. Her hair growth was amazing! I thought to myself if I went natural my hair could probably be just as long, but going natural wasn’t for me.

As I was getting dressed to go out one night I looked at ulovemegz YouTube Channel for makeup ideas. I had been to her channel plenty of times looking at her makeup tutorials, but had never looked at any of her hair videos. Then I watched one and throughout the weeks I watched more and more of her hair videos. Long hair? MY own long hair? Thick hair? I wanted to go on a hair journey. There was just so much information and of course I had no hair products or money to buy hair products to begin one so I told myself that I would start my hair journey after I returned home and got a perm. I returned home in December, but waited to get a perm until January 13th. I got a fresh perm, trim and weave when I went to the hair salon that day. I didn’t take pictures, but from what I could tell from quick glances I was about shoulder length, maybe a bit past that. Unfortunately I hated the way my weave turned out. The way she cut my hair and installed the weave did not go together and you could clearly tell where my hair ended and the weave began. I made it work for awhile before I finally got a new weave put in.

While my hair was in a weave I took care of it the best I could, but looking at my current hair growth without a weave I wasn’t doing what I should have been, simply because with so much of my hair tucked away I couldn’t tell what products really worked for my hair. I also still had a lot of breakage going on, but now it’s mostly shedding, even if I think it’s a little excessive. Since January I’ve permed my hair once at the end of March. I can’t remember which day but it was either the 30th or 31st. I was at about 2 inches according to my length check shirt and my hair wasn’t even in the slightest. I haven’t had a perm since, and I’m debating on perming my hair soon or waiting for the end of summer to perm my hair. As of today I’m 14 weeks post. It’ll be 15 weeks this weekend. This is currently the longest I’ve ever stretched and once I got over that initial “OMG I just want to relax my hair hump” I realized that I’m fine with not relaxing it. I do miss my weave, but I now feel more prepared to take care of my hair if I put a weave back in, because I know more so what works for my hair.

I’ll post my regimen and other various things like pictures, product reviews, hair updates, ideas, etc. I’m excited to see what my hair can achieve and to document my progress to see how far I have come. I hope you all enjoy my blog and find it helpful in some way!

Cheers to healthier, longer hair!

Greedy for Good Hair